• Antonia

    Miami, Florida


    Most of the 4 million Floridians on Medicare can not receive the dental services that they need.


    Antonia is told, "Your insurance does not cover dental care."

    Antonia came to the United States from Cuba over 50 years ago. She began working right away and she raised her daughters to become professionals. She has contributed to society, kept up with her doctor’s appointments, paid taxes, and lived the American dream.


    Like most American seniors, Antonia relies on Medicare, and seven years ago, she received dentures that were partially covered by her Medicare HMO. But now, when Antonia goes to the dentist for the maintenance care that she needs, she is turned away. It is always the same response: “Your insurance does not cover dental care.”


    Antonia is 90 years old and she knows that her current good physical health also depends on access to dental care. She goes to all of her medical appointments, watches her blood sugar levels, and lives in the home that she has paid off. Antonia and others like her need and deserve adequate dental care as part of their Medicare benefits.


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