• Charilus

    Miami, Florida

    Charilus Federick is a fifty-six-year-old Haitian-American who suffers from cognitive impairments, memory loss, hearing loss, vision loss, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, arthritis, and back pain.

    Mr. Federick used to work full-time as a dishwasher until his health began to worsen. Mr. Federick eventually began to experience extreme difficulty standing up for long periods of time as part of his everyday job. Mr. Federick has had to stop working due to his severe back pain and needs Medicaid to help deal with his health issues.


    Mr. Federick’s back pain and arthritis prevent him from working his old job. His cognitive impairment hinders him from acquiring new skills that could help him find a new one. In effect, Mr. Federick’s health problems create challenges that significantly affect his ability to enjoy and thrive in his everyday life.


    Without Medicaid, receiving much-needed basic medical care is incredibly difficult for Mr. Federick. As mentioned above, he suffers from a variety of health complications from which he gets no daily relief. Mr. Federick and his family are poverty stricken and he needs to save as much money as possible in order to survive. Without access to Medicaid benefits, Mr. Federick’s ability to provide for his family is further hindered. Mr. Federick requires Medicaid benefits to avoid facing a reality of despair.


    Mr. Federick and communities of people like him would benefit greatly from Medicaid expansion because, without Medicaid, they are not likely to receive the care that they desperately need.