• Elder Health

    Despite Florida’s tremendous number of frail and disabled seniors, many face barriers in accessing necessary health care services.


    Our elected officials and the public need to see the faces and hear the voices of Florida’s seniors and families who are hurt by these barriers.

  • Stories

    Need to Reinstate Retroactive Medicaid Eligibility


    Jacksonville, Florida

    George, a 56 year old truck driver and native of Pennsylvania moved to Florida in 2019 to be closer to his daughter. He had suffered heart problems in the past and hoped that the move to Florida would decrease his stress levels.

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  • Need Access to Dental Care for Seniors


    Miami, Florida

    When Antonia goes to the dentist for the maintenance care that she needs, she is turned away. It is always the same response: “Your insurance does not cover dental care.”

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    Miami, Florida

    Like many seniors, José relies on Medicare, which does not cover his medically necessary dental services. Without these services, José is concerned that his overall health is at risk.

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    Miami, Florida

    Ingrid needs two implants that would cost six to seven thousand dollars. That financial burden is not feasible for Ingrid, who lives on a fixed income and relies on Medicare.

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    Miguel and Sonia

    Miami, Florida

    Their urgent need for dental care has meant that they have had to travel to Sonia’s native country of the Dominican Republic in order to receive the care they required.

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    Miami, Florida

    At 82 years old, almost all of Eustiqueano’s teeth are in need of treatment, making it difficult for him to chew. His Medicare HMO only covers one cleaning a year with a co-pay.

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  • Read about elder health issues

    Repeal of retroactive Medicaid

    The need for an oral health benefit in Medicare

    Lack of home and community based services

  • Share Your Story

    We want to hear from you, or from your family, friends or providers who are trying to help.


    Please contact us if you are dealing with:

    • Medical debt because Florida repealed retroactive Medicaid eligibility
    • Lack of home and community based services needed in order to stay at home and out of an institution 
    • Unmet oral health care needs
    Sharing your story—in your words and your voice—is part of the solution for each of these issues. Together we’ll make the case that its time to add a dental benefit in Medicare, increase access to needed home health care and restore retroactive Medicaid coverage.