• José

    Miami, Florida


    Like many seniors, José relies on Medicare, which does not cover his medically necessary dental services.


    Without these services, José is concerned that his overall health is at risk.

    José came to the United States from Cuba in 1965. In Cuba he was a math teacher, but in the United States he worked in factories, and drove trucks, and, along with his wife, he raised their two children. Now retired and a widower, José survives on just $1,272 per month.


    Like many seniors, José relies on Medicare. Yet Medicare does not cover dental services, even those that are medically necessary. This means José is on his own in the face of needed dental care estimated to cost him $2,000. With his limited income, José must take care of his home payments and other monthly expenses, while the dental care he needs remains out of reach.


    José is aware that dental health is connected to heart health, liver health, and more. Without access to the dental care he requires, José worries that his overall health is at risk.


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