• Medicaid Defense

    Over four million Floridians rely on Medicaid. This includes frail and disabled seniors who depend on nursing home care, and almost half of Florida’s children, including those with severe developmental delays and complex medical needs.

    Some state legislatures are considering policies such as block grants and work requirements, which make it harder for people who rely on Medicaid to access care. If Florida were to take this route, the health of the most vulnerable Floridians would be in jeopardy

  • Read about potential challenges to state Medicaid programs

    Medicaid Work Requirements

    Medicaid Block Grants


  • Share Your Story

    Our elected officials and the public need to see the faces and hear the voices of those who would be hurt by these changes.


    Please contact us if you or a loved one rely on Medicaid and are:

    • a disabled or elderly Floridian needing home health or nursing home care
    • the parent of a minor child with special health care needs
    • someone struggling with illness, including mental illness
    • a parent on Medicaid
    Sharing your story --in your words and your voice-- is part of the solution. Together we'll make the case that it's time for everyone to have affordable health care