• Miguel and Sonia

    Miami, Florida


    Like Miguel and Sonia, we all need dental care.


    It is well established that poor oral health is linked to diabetes, heart diseases and other worsened health outcomes, particularly for the elderly who are at increased risk for these serious health conditions.

    Miguel and Sonia, a married couple, lived in the New York area for 30 years before moving to Miami. Sonia, an employee at a laundromat, and Miguel, a supervisor, have worked hard their entire lives and raised six successful children. Both rely on Medicare and receive no dental care. When asked if they can afford to pay for routine cleanings, Miguel chuckles ruefully and hangs his head as he says, “muy pobre (too poor).”


    Their urgent need for dental care has meant that they have had to travel to Sonia’s native country of the Dominican Republic in order to receive the care they required. This has consumed a huge portion of their limited income, but they see no other option. Sonia, 73, fears that soon she will be unable to continue traveling to receive these services that are critical to their health.


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