• Olga

    Miami, Florida

    Olga is a 52-year old woman who has endured severe physical and mental abuse and has had extreme difficulty getting back on her feet after fleeing her abusive husband. After years of abuse, she and her daughter finally built up the courage to leave their home.

    Without any money or government assistance, the duo was forced to spend their days on the street; they were homeless. They eventually were able to move into a homeless shelter and are thankful to call the shelter home. Olga suffers from anxiety and depression rendering her unable to work. She does not have any health insurance and therefore is unable to receive treatment. She sometimes will go to the shelter medical doctor who can only prescribe her medications to attempt to treat the illness and cannot offer her therapy for her mental health conditions.


    Without a regularly treating psychologist, Olga cannot get treatment to manage her illnesses and past trauma. If she leaves the shelter, she will be unable to obtain medications. “I want to move out and help things get back to normal for my daughter, but not having Medicaid is a giant obstacle.” Olga said she and her daughter dream of leaving the shelter and rebuilding their lives, but their lack of Medicaid forces her to stay trapped in the past without any ability to take control of her life. With Medicaid expansion she would be able to go to regularly-scheduled therapy, obtain her prescriptions, and get health coverage to improve her current situation and begin the long journey to getting back on her feet.