• Florida Health Justice STORIES

    Florida has profound health justice issues: failure to expand Medicaid; lack of long term care resources; barriers to care for immigrants and elderly. The public, media, and decision makers need to see and hear personal STORIES of how these issues impact individuals, their families and their health care providers.

  • Guliet | Miami Gardens, FL

    Medicaid Expansion STORIES


    Guliet | Miami Gardens, FL

    A 39-year-old mother, lives with her husband and children in northwest Miami-Dade County. She is a part-time distribution center employee. Her employer doesn’t provide healthcare.

    Therese | Naples, FL

    Long-Term Care​ STORIES


    Therese | Naples, FL

    In the midst of the COVID crisis, Therese’s bureaucratic nightmare with her Medicaid Long-Term Care managed care plan (“the plan”) entered a new chapter.

    Miguel and Sonia | Miami, FL

    Elder Health​ STORIES


    Miguel and Sonia | Miami, FL

    Their urgent need for dental care has meant that they have had to travel to Sonia’s native country of the Dominican Republic in order to receive the care they required.

    Tatiana | Jacksonville, FL

    Immigrant Health​ STORIES


    Tatiana | Jacksonville, FL

    “Everyone deserves the same basic right to health care. No one should be forced to choose between seeking medical care or possible deportation."


    Anthony | Orlando, FL

    Medicaid Expansion


    Anthony | Orlando, FL

    Anthony is a 45-year-old native Floridian whose part-time job in janitorial services doesn’t offer health insurance. He doesn’t qualify for Medicaid under the state’s stringent requirements either.


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    Ingrid | Miami, FL  

    Elder Health


    Ingrid | Miami, FL

    Ingrid needs two implants that would cost six to seven thousand dollars. That financial burden is not feasible for Ingrid, who lives on a fixed income and relies on Medicare.


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    Manuel | Miami, FL

    Long-Term Care


    Manuel | Miami, FL

    At just 32 years old, Manuel’s life and the lives of his family changed forever when a motorcycle accident left him quadriplegic.


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    Marivi Wright & Tamico Spears | Jacksonville, FL

    Immigrant Health


    Marivi Wright & Tamico Spears | Jacksonville, FL

    “Taxpayer dollars are better served investing in preventive care, than placing immigrants in the impossible position of foregoing necessary medical care because of the fear of harming their immigration applications."


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    Adriana | Miami, FL

    Floridians Impacted By COVID-19


    Adriana | Miami, FL  

    Before COVID, Adriana, a 60-year-old resident of downtown Miami, had been working hard as a waitress--in spite of serious health problems.


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