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    Unwinding the Continuous Coverage Requirement

    After the pandemic-related Medicaid continuous coverage requirement ended March 31, 2023, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) began redetermining the eligibility of Florida’s enrollees and sending termination notices to those deemed no longer eligible or who failed to complete their renewal within 30 days. The notices are extremely confusing and often lack adequate explanation as to why DCF determined the person(s) to be ineligible, some terminations are clearly erroneous, and people are generally unaware of their right to appeal or how to do so. The personal narratives below, as well as multiple stories in national and state media, illustrate how Florida’s redetermination process is hurting vulnerable children and families.

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    At Least 2 Million Children Have Lost Medicaid Insurance This Year

    Many of the children were eligible for federal aid, experts said, but errors have been common as states “unwind” assistance from earlier in the coronavirus pandemic. Christina describes the harm caused to her family after her kids were erroneously terminated from Medicaid twice.

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    The Biden Administration Is Slow To Act As Millions Are Booted Off Medicaid

    Up to 30 million of the poorest Americans could be purged from the Medicaid program, many the result of error-ridden state reviews. Lily and her FHJP lawyer describe how the state erroneously terminated Lily‘s Medicaid on 2 different occasions.

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    Hundreds of thousands of children are being kicked off of Medicaid

    Once they lose Medicaid –even if still eligible– “regaining coverage can be frustrating and time-consuming. Over several weeks, Tanya spent hours on hold trying to restore her kids’ insurance."

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    Class action challenges Florida’s termination notices

    Over 182,000 Floridians have been sent incomprehensible termination notices. FHJP and NHelP allege that many have no idea if the State is making the right decision and whether (or how) to challenge the termination if they think it is wrong.

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    Millions may soon lose Medicaid

    Under Florida’s Plan, children with complex medical needs like Penelope were supposed to have their redeterminations postponed until the end of the Medicaid “unwind” period.

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    Florida declining help with Medicaid unwinding

    The federal waivers aim to reduce the risk of eligible families losing Medicaid coverage due to procedural errors.

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    Staggering numbers of Americans lose coverage

    Since pandemic protections ended on April 1, those initially losing coverage include Florida children with complex medical conditions. FHJP is helping them.

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    Florida Medicaid changes leave some scrambling

    Florida has purged kids younger than 21 with medically complex conditions until next spring, a variation from their plan for Medicaid redeterminations.

  • The STORIES, Media and Information

    Problems with Florida's Medicaid "Unwind"

    December 2023

    This video, the second is a 2-part series, features lawyers from the National Health Law Program and the Florida Health Justice Project explaining why they filed a class action challenging Florida’s Medicaid termination notices; why the issues are so important; who the Plaintiffs are; and what brought this litigation team together.


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    Problems With Florida's Medicaid "Unwind"

    December 2023

    ​This video, the first in a 2-part series, tells the story of Floridians struggling with Florida’s Medicaid unwind problems. Their lived experiences include dealing with unintelligible notices; an unavailable call center; uninformed staff; medically complex kids prematurely cut off and erroneous terminations.


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    Penelope Chapter 2 | Palm Beach County, FL

    Palm Beach County, FL

    After a sudden termination, a mother successfully fought to have her medically complex five year old reinstated on Medicaid. Months later, Penelope’s Medicaid has again been cut off without notice, and her mother is struggling to get her covered before the out-of-pocket expenses pile up.


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    Wayne | Florida

    Palm Beach, Florida

    After Wayne, a quadriplegic elderly man, received unexpected notice that his Medicaid would be terminated at the end of October 2023, he was unable to get answers as to why his Medicaid was ending and what if anything he needed to do to fix it. Terrified he would lose his life sustaining healthcare, he had to find a lawyer to help.


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    Ronald and Steve | Florida


    "Glitch" causes panic for long-term care Medicaid enrollees and caregivers.


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    Theresa and Sally | Lee County, FL

    Lee County, FL

    Daughter frantically seeks answers after 91-year-old mother's Medicaid disenrollment scare


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    Tatwayna and Marie* | Orange County, FL

    Orange County, FL

    Tatwayna’s child, who needs round-the-clock nursing care, was suddenly and incorrectly cut off Medicaid. Tatwayna spent countless hours unsuccessfully trying to get DCF to fix the error.


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