• Long-Term Care

    Subsidized health care benefits are critical for low-income Floridians with disabilities--especially those who are so frail and disabled that they require long-term services and supports to remain in their home.

  • Video | Florida's Medicaid HCBS: Navigating the Program
  • The Storytellers

    Diwantie| Jacksonville, FL

    Jacksonville, FL

    When her 87-year-old mother, Mankuar, fractured her back, it fell upon her daughter Diwantie to pick up the pieces, becoming her mother’s voice and caretaker through the travails of hospital and rehabilitation center visits.


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    Alene | Jacksonville, FL

    Jacksonville, FL

    Alene, a 74 year old Brevard County native, worked her entire life. After retiring from her career in customer service, she found herself itching to get back to work. In her late 60s, she started a second career as a security guard. But at age 71, she started to experience severe pain and trouble walking.


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    Olympia and Oscar | Miami, FL

    Miami, FL

    Oscar and Olympia just want to be together, and live out their lives peacefully, with their pets nearby in the safety and security of their own home.


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    Therese - Chapter 2 | Naples, FL

    Naples, FL

    In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Therese’s bureaucratic nightmare with her Medicaid Long-Term Care managed care plan entered a new chapter.


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    Therese | Naples, FL

    Naples, FL

    Therese has twice been erroneously terminated from her Medicaid Long-Term Care benefits, most recently in July 2019.


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    Manuel | Miami, FL

    Miami, FL

    At just 32 years old, Manuel’s life and the lives of his family changed forever when a motorcycle accident left him quadriplegic.


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  • The Advocate's Guide To The

    Florida Long-Term Care Medicaid Waiver

    Because the Medicaid LTC program is complex, both for those applying and those enrolled, FHJP created an Advocate's Guide. And because all HCBS programs are chronically underfunded, the public and decision-makers need to understand how the lack of resources impacts individuals and their families.


    The Advocate’s Guide to the Florida Long-Term Care Medicaid Waiver provides a roadmap to the complex Medicaid program providing home and community-based services for frail elderly and disabled Floridians who want to stay out of a nursing home after they can no longer handle the routines of daily living.
    The Guide provides advocates with an overview of the authority governing Florida's Medicaid managed care long-term care waiver and a roadmap addressing basic questions including: who is eligible; how to apply; what to do if an application is denied or delayed; how the waitlist works; what to do if services are denied, delayed, terminated or reduced.

  • Share Your Story

    Join the fight by letting your voice be heard!

    Contact us if you or a family member need health care and are:

    • Medical debt because Florida repealed retroactive Medicaid eligibility.
    • Lack of home and community based services needed in order to stay at home and out of an institution. 
    • Have unmet oral health care needs.

    Sharing your story—in your words and your voice—is part of the solution for each of these issues. Together we’ll make the case that its time for more resources to support home and community based services as an alternative to nursing home care.

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