• Immigrant Health

    A revised “public charge” rule was put in place by the Trump administration. This rule changed how wealth, health, workforce skills, and the use of certain public benefits may affect some immigration applications.


    Advocates and community members pushed back, and the Biden administration has reversed the rule. This means the public charge rule is far more limited, and health and food- related benefits are not taken into consideration. 


    Yet the fear among immigrant communities caused by the regulation’s expanded criteria that turned many people away from critical services has not abated.  This is threatening the health, nutrition, and housing of millions of families, a significant portion of whom call Florida home.


    Read their stories here.

  • The Storytellers And The Issues

    Dr. Anderson | The Chilling Effects of the Public Charge

    Miami, FL

    Dr. Anderson is a family physician in South Florida. He provides primary care services to uninsured residents and has been witnessing the chilling effects of public charge first hand.


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    Tatiana | The Costs of Fear

    Jacksonville, FL

    “Everyone deserves the same basic right to health care. No one should be forced to choose between seeking medical care or possible deportation."



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    Mark | The Nexus of Healthcare and Education

    South Florida

    “I have been an educator for over 13 years, and I know the important role that education has in the lives of immigrant families and their children. When they are healthy, children can be in the classroom, and that is where great things can happen!”


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    Marivi Wright & Tamico Spears | The Value of Preventive Care

    Jacksonville, FL

    “Taxpayer dollars are better served investing in preventive care, than placing immigrants in the impossible position of foregoing necessary medical care because of the fear of harming their immigration applications."


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  • Making The Case For

    Medicaid Expansion


    The Florida Health Justice Project speaks with Dr. Olveen Carrasquillo, a leading Miami physician, about the challenges faced by his many uninsured patients and the devastating impact from Florida’s failure to expand Medicaid.



    Why Floridians Are Falling

    Through The Coverage Gap


    Florida is one of only 14 states that have not expanded Medicaid. As a result, approximately 445,000 Floridians fall into the “Coverage Gap,” meaning they have no path to affordable coverage

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