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    Unwinding the Continuous Coverage Requirement

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, states were provided with significant federal funding in order to continue the Medicaid coverage of individuals in the program. As a result, since March 2020, approximately a million Floridians who are no longer technically eligible for Medicaid have stayed covered. This continuous Medicaid coverage requirement will end on March 31, 2023.


    Starting April 30th, and over the next 12 months, those who are no longer Medicaid eligible will be terminated. Additionally, others who are still eligible could lose coverage due to administrative issues, like DCF not having the enrollee’s updated address.

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    Iris | Miami, FL

    Orlando, FL

    Hard working students and youth could face the loss of needed health coverage. Once the Public Health Emergency ends, Florida residents like Iris, a college student with asthma, could lose access to affordable healthcare needed for life-saving medications.


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    S.T. | Hollywood, FL

    Hollywood, FL

    S.T. and her family are living on the edge, hanging on to their family’s Medicaid health insurance amid the COVID-19 pandemic, living in fear of losing the healthcare that keeps them alive.


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    Consumer Q & A | Florida Medicaid Recipients

    Updated 01/24/2023

    This Q&A explains why so many Florida parents and caregivers are likely to lose Medicaid eligibility when the continuous coverage requirement ends; what are their coverage options; and how they can prepare. Read Q&A


    Read more about other groups who will likely lose coverage when the extended Medicaid coverage requirement ends:



    Notice of Case Action: Medicaid Approval and Ineligible Determination

    The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF)'s Notice of Case Action sent to current Medicaid enrollees who have maintained eligibility due to the pandemic. The Notice underscores the need to contact DCF with any updates.


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    Why millions on Medicaid are risk of losing coverage in the months ahead


    The state is preparing for a great “unwinding” as millions of Floridians currently on Medicaid will be undergoing eligibility redeterminations after the pandemic-related moratorium on terminations ends in March. Over 900,000 households have “one or more family members who are likely ineligible.” Some will be enrolled in other subsidized insurance coverage, but others will become uninsured because Florida is one of only 11 states that does not cover low-income adults under Medicaid expansion.


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    • If you are currently on Medicaid and are concerned about losing coverage, sharing your story--in your words and your voice--is essential in helping ensure that everyone has health care coverage.

    Sharing your story --in your words and your voice-- is essential.

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