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    Over 2.5 million Florida children rely on Medicaid for all of their health care services. They are entitled to a comprehensive set of benefits, including periodic well child checkups and screens, as well as coverage for any medical service that is “medically necessary” for treating the child’s condition.

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    Victoria | Lee County, FL

    Victoria shares her experience with Medicaid in Florida and seeking help for her autistic daughter.


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    Talia | Former Florida Resident

    At age 23, Tal is a successful actress in a Netflix series thanks to the valuable lessons learned and skills acquired through Medicaid funded therapies and support she received growing up in Florida. She didn’t learn to speak until she was 4-years-old. Today, Tal proudly communicates for a living!


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    Health Coverage Denied


    Under federal law children on Medicaid are entitled to coverage of any medical service that’s needed to correct or ameliorate the child’s condition. The Florida Medicaid Agency however is using a more restrictive standard.


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    Join us in our work for health justice in Florida. Let your voice be heard! Please contact us:

    • If your child was/is being helped by Medicaid. Sharing your story will help support this important program.

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    • If your child is being denied coverage for any medical treatment that your healthcare provider says is necessary. This includes treatments such as  speech therapy, prescription drugs, home health care, durable medical equipment, etc. Sharing your story is part of the solution in fixing problems for your child and others.

    Sharing your story --in your words and your voice-- is essential.

    Share Your Story | Soapboxx Video

    Share Your Story | Soapboxx Video


    In partnership with the National Health Law Program (NHeLP), we are using the Soapboxx video recording app to create short testimonials about how Medicaid has impacted you or a family member.


    Using your cell phone, tablet or computer, create a 20-90 second video about your experience with Medicaid. It's simple, easy and quick to do.


    Sharing your story on video will serve as a powerful advocacy tool to help educate the public, the media and policymakers in understanding how important Medicaid is for Floridians and their families.


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