• Uninsured Miami-Dade County Residents

    The availability of free or reduced cost care is critical, especially in Florida and our 11 sister states that have refused to expand Medicaid. Further, free/low cost care is more critical than ever due to the public health emergency caused by COVID-19. Miami Dade County is fortunate to have Jackson Health System, a publicly funded health system that has served as the major source of care for the county’s large, uninsured low-income populations for over 100 years.


    However, without the federal funding provided through Medicaid expansion, the Jackson Health System (JHS) lacks resources to provide free or low cost care to all uninsured county residents. As a result, some residents experience barriers to care due to high copayments. Patients have also encountered problems with billing under the Jackson Health system, including for COVID testing and treatment that should not be billed.


    Sharing information about the resources that are available AND and personal stories about the problems that county residents encounter is an important part of helping to ensure access to free or low cost care for indigent county residents.

  • The STORIES, Information and Issues

    Miriam | Miami, FL

    Miami, FL

    While dealing with breast cancer, medical debt, and COVID- related job loss, Miriam and her children are grateful for Medicaid.


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    Johana | Miami, FL

    Miami, FL

    She did what she had to - for her job and for her health. Exposed to Covid-19 as a front-line worker, Johana went to her local public hospital to take a Covid-19 test. She was told the bill would be covered. Instead, the hospital sent the bill to collections.


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    Z.B. | Jacksonville, FL

    Jacksonville, FL

    Z.B. had been recently discharged from the hospital with COVID-19 when the bills started arriving. Altogether, she owes $30,000 in medical bills from the five days she spent tethered to an oxygen tank, struggling to breathe, as she was treated for Covid pneumonia.


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    COVID Bill Fact Sheet

    COVID-19 Testing and Treatment resources for uninsured Florida residents.


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    COVID Billing Flyer for Miami-Dade County

    Are you an uninsured Miami-Dade resident who received a surprise bill for COVID treatment?


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    Jackson Health System Information on Application Process

    Learn how to apply and the documents required to complete the eligibility review process.


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    Jackson Health System Copayment Brief

    Miami-Dade County's Jackson Health System (JHS) co-payments charges are excessive.


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    Jackson Health System Flyer for Uninsured Miami-Dade County Residents

    Are you an uninsured Miami-Dade resident? If so, you may be eligible for free or reduced care at Jackson.


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  • Share Your Story

    Let your voice be heard! Please contact us:

    • If you are a low-income uninsured Miami Dade County resident who needs care (other than primary care) and you are enrolled in the JHS charity program.

    - or -

    • If you received testing or treatment for COVID at JHS (or any hospital in Florida) and are now being billed.
    Sharing your story --in your words and your voice-- is essential.
    Share Your Story | Soapboxx Video

    Share Your Story | Soapboxx Video


    In partnership with the National Health Law Program (NHeLP), we are using the Soapboxx video recording app to create short testimonials about how Medicaid has impacted you or a family member.


    Using your cell phone, tablet or computer, create a 20-90 second video about your experience with Medicaid. It's simple, easy and quick to do.


    Sharing your story on video will serve as a powerful advocacy tool to help educate the public, the media and policymakers in understanding how important Medicaid is for Floridians and their families.


    Learn How To Record Your Video


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